Christianity is a Worldview | VBS 2019

We all have a lens through which we see life, and make sense of the world around us – that by definition is called a worldview. Major worldviews like Islam, Judaism, Christianity or Hinduism always ask three basic and foundational questions:

  1. Question of Origin: How did we get here?
  2. Question of Predicament: What is the problem? Why is the world so messy and chaotic? Why is our life so messed up?
  3. Question of Solution: How can we fix it?

We believe that only Christianity has the ability to answer these questions in a consistent and life-transforming way.

Anugraha Church is organizing a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children in the month of May and we will be teaching this Christian Worldview as a story. It’s a story about a Hero who created us, it’s a story about a Hero who died and rose again to save us, and it’s a story about a Hero who will return to take us with Him.

Click here, if you want to enroll your kids or other children in this journey of discovering the One who wrote the story of their lives.