What does an RP church service look like?

If you plan on attending one of our Sunday morning church services, we warmly welcome you! We will try to answer some questions that you may have to help you prepare for worship in our church.

What is an RP church service like?

Our understanding of public worship flows from our understanding of how God relates to us. God has made a covenant with us that He will be our God and that we will be His people (Jeremiah 32:38; Revelation 21:3). Public worship is a covenant renewal ceremony; God renews His covenant to be God to us, and we renew our covenant to be His people. Public worship can be thought of as a dialogue between God and His people, as we renew our covenant with each other. God speaks to us through His Word and the Sacraments (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper), and we speak to Him through our psalm singing and prayers.

Based on this understanding of worship, our public worship services follow a dialogical pattern. Our worship begins with God’s call to worship. We respond by singing a psalm of adoration. God then speaks to us through the reading of the Law, to convict us of our sin and misery and to drive us to Christ. We respond by singing a psalm of confession. God then comforts us through the assurance of the Gospel. After we receive this assurance, our elders lead us in prayer to God for all our needs. We then offer to God His tithes and our offerings. After these elements, we sing to God a psalm of preparation to hear His Word. God then speaks to us through the public reading and preaching of His Word. We receive his word with thankfulness through a psalm of response. God finally sends us into the world with his benediction.

Please see our Order of Service page for more details.

What is your style of worship?

Some people may describe our worship style as ‘traditional’. Our worship services are generally solemn in tone. The worship is led by our elders. We enjoy hearing each other’s voices joyfully lifted up to God in worship, and thus our singing is congregational; and we sing out of the Book of Psalms. You can read more about our practice of psalm singing here.

What is your preaching like?

Our preaching style is expository. Our pastor preaches consecutively through a book of the Bible. Currently, he is preaching through the book of Ephesians. We do have topical sermons from time to time.

How long is an RP church service?

Our services are typically an hour and a half long, followed by a time of fellowship with some light refreshments.

Do you serve communion?

Yes, we do serve communion on the second Lord’s Day of every month. We serve communion to members and visitors. Since we seek to honour the Lord’s Table and prevent unworthy participation in it (1 Corinthians 11:27), we serve communion only to those visitors who are baptized, and are members or regular attenders of an evangelical church. If you are visiting our church and desire to commune with us, please read this page and reach out to our elders much ahead of the worship service. Our elders will have a brief interview with you to learn of your faith in Christ.

Is child care available?

We do not have child care at present. We do encourage parents to bring their children into the worship service in keeping with Jesus’ note of welcome (Luke 18:16). Our pastor preaches with all ages in mind, and we plan to make sermon activity sheets available to children in the future to engage them in the worship service. If you have very young children or infants who need to be nursed, we can make a room available for you. Please contact us!

Do you have a Sunday School for children?

Yes! We have recently begun a Sunday School for children. The Sunday School is held immediately after the service. Children are taught the Word of God, Church History, Catechism, a Psalm, and a craft. Please contact us if you have more questions.

Do you have a parking space for vehicles?

Yes! We have plenty of space for parking your two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Is your worship location accessible to the elderly?

Yes. We meet on the ground floor, and there is an accessibility ramp at the entrance for those who are in wheelchairs or using walkers. Our rest rooms are right next to the worship hall.

Is there a question for us?

Feel free to contact us with your question and we’ll get back to you shortly.