Live In The Light Of Christ’s Victory

In Christianity, Adam and Jesus Christ are the two major representatives of death and life. They represent two destinies for mankind. In Adam, death entered into this world because of his disobedience to God and therefore incurred guilt because of his sin and brought death to himself and all his descendants. In Christ, Christians find life because He died as a substitute for their sins, purchasing their forgiveness and eternal life. So what does Christ’s victory mean for us? How does it benefit us here and now? Listen to the sermon to learn how Christ’s victory opens the door for us to live a life of hope.

What is Love? – Part 4

Christians are called to reflect the character of God. This passage lists out various characteristics which believers need to exhibit. In the last part of this section, we see how love does not rejoice in wrongdoing but in truth. Love also forebears all things when someone sins against us, because God has been forbearing towards us when we sin against Him. Gospel becomes the foundation on which we relate to other people in love.

Run Away From Sexual Sins

Sexual Sin or adultery are not something you try to tackle with or negotiate; you just flee from them. If you don’t flee from these sins, they will destroy both your body and soul. Most importantly, we learn from this passage to flee from sexual immorality because they’re also the sins for which Christ was crucified so that we could be saved; our body and soul were bought for a price.

Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God

We finally come to the passage where the Greatest exchange took place. Our sins were put on Christ, He bore the wrath of God the Father and bought forgiveness in exchange. God the Father turned his face away from Jesus Christ so that He would not turn His face away from us, the sinners. This exchange took place between God the Father and God the Son. To save us, Jesus Christ had to die for our sins. We will be saved only when we believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came as a ransom for us.