The Justice Of God

We live in the world of injustice. What we see is evil, murder, abuse, corruption, partiality, discrimination, rape and the list goes on…We can all sense the injustice around us because we are made in the image of God, we have been given the ability to do Justice. The other sad reality is that we’re not just the recipients or victims of injustice, but also the perpetrators of injustice (even if it’s done in small ways). So how does a just and righteous God deal with injustice around us and injustice because of us? What does God expect from us? Listen to the sermon to find out.

The Return of Christ

When you think of the Lord’s return, the vivid accounts of Daniel and Revelation comes to mind. But in the Gospel according to Mark, we find few compelling and critical truths about the restoration of the church and the reign of Messiah over this world. Find out what are those critical truths in this week’s sermon.