Be Faithful to Christ

In this passage we see a friend betraying Jesus with a kiss. We see a man betraying his own Creator for a few pieces of silver. That was a price Judas had, to betray the one who has been nothing but faithful to him and faithful to this world. We will see how the betrayal of Judas and even the disciples reveal the darkness in them, when their lives were more important than being faithful to their sacrificial Savior.

Jesus’s Hour of Trial

Crisis and suffering show character. In the Jesus’s hour of trial, He prophesied that all of His disciples will betray him when their lives are at stake. He did not waver when his life was at stake. In this sermon, you’ll see how Jesus faces his hour of trial with patience and Joy because of His infinite love for his sheep and how that becomes a model for us to face trial and suffering having received the forgiveness for betraying Him, our Savior.

The Path of Apostasy

Judas witnessed Christ’s ministry of performing miracles, healing the sick and giving comfort to the destitute. He heard great truths from the best preacher of this world and maintained close relationship with Jesus, and yet he does something which only a friend can do, he betrays Jesus. Judas eventually became an apostate – he renounced his affiliation to Jesus Christ. In this sermon, we see how a person’s path to apostasy looks like and how he’s is not considered to be part of God’s family at all.