Session’s Guidelines for Attending In-Person Worship Services


We are meeting at the St. Thomas Centre in the main hall and NOT in the smaller hall as we used to earlier.


  • You may  attend if you are above 10 years and below 60 years of age, have no underlying health conditions that put you at risk, and have not experienced any signs of sickness in the last ten days.
  • If you (or a member of your immediate family) have experienced any sign of sickness in the last five days, you are not permitted to attend.
  • If you are 60 years and older, 10 years or younger, or at risk due to your current health, you are advised not  to attend.
  • If you feel uncomfortable coming to the building for any reason, you are welcome to stay at home and join the service via the livestream on Facebook.


  • When you arrive at the building, please come to the main entrance where your temperature will be checked using a no-contact infrared thermometer. Sanitize your hands thoroughly using the hand sanitizer provided at the main entrance.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times while inside or outside the building
  • Do not congregate in the verandah. We ask that you immediately take your seat in the first available pew that is closest to the front.
  • When you are at and inside the building, social distancing is required. This means you must stay at least six feet apart (except for your immediate family) and there is to be no hand-shaking, hugging, etc. Children should also stay with their family members.
  • Please bring your own psalters. These will not be provided to you. 
  • Printed bulletins will not be provided. Bulletins will be sent to you via WhatsApp.
  • The building will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the service. While you are in the building, please practice good hygiene and cover your coughs/sneezes.
  • The offering will not be collected during the service. There will be a box for you to deposit your gift as you exit the sanctuary.
  • Once you are seated, please remain there until the conclusion of the service. The only exceptions are: caring for young children and using the restroom if absolutely needed.


  • At the conclusion of the service, please exit the building (starting with the back row) and proceed directly to the parking lot. Congregating inside the hall or on the verandah will not be allowed. Once outside, you can enjoy fellowship within social distancing guidelines.
  • The restrooms should not be used unless absolutely needed. 
  • Tea and beverages will not be served either within or outside the building.